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Conheça o poder de cura da água do mar do Golfo Pérsico no Thalassa Sea and Spa, Bahrein, instituto exclusivo de talassoterapia e luxuoso resort spa em Bahrein. Massagens e tratamentos, de bolhas de oxigênio a algas marinhas, usando produtos Aqua Science.

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Tratamentos para estadias curtas

Secrets of the East Getaway

  • Perfect for an Eastern-style beauty and well-being break. Embark on a sensory journey with 2 days of treatments and restore your skin's softness and radiance. Hammam rituals, Argan oil massages, traditional Halawa hair removal, Eastern beauty treatments.

Benefits of the sea Getaway

  • Let us create the ideal program for you to discover thalassotherapy over 1 to 5 days of treatments. 3 individual thalassotherapy treatments each day

Zen Getaway

  • Let us create the ideal program for you to discover thalassotherapy and relaxing massage over 1 to 4 days of treatments. Enjoy 2 individual thalassotherapy treatments and a 30-minute massage treatment each day

Tratamentos para estadias longas

Fitness & Wellness : Vitality

  • Restore your inner energy with individual thalassotherapy treatments, wraps and massage, and relaxing or stimulating sessions in a heated sea water pool. 24 treatments over 6 days

Slim & Slender : Detox

  • Kick-start your weight loss and re-educated yourself on good habits. Our experts (dietitian, trainer and hydrotherapist) will help you reach your goals. 24 targeted treatments + 3 balance sessions. Full-board only.

Slim & Slender : Toning

  • Toning and smoothing treatments to redefine your shape, combat cellulite and restore your skin's elasticity. 24 targeted treatments + 1 balance session over 6 days. Offered with half board. Full board recommended.

Secret of Youth

  • Complete anti-aging program to restore skin's radiance & youthfulness. 24 treatments over 6 days. 8 targeted beauty treatments: Skinceuticals facials, facial massages, body treatments. 6 massages & 9 thalasso treatments to regenerate your mind & body.

The Ultimate in Thalassotherapy

  • A bubble of well-being sheltered from the world. Make individual relaxing treatments, massage (1 per day!) and wraps your priority. In the expert hands of our hydrotherapists, just let yourself go, little by little. 24 treatments over 6 days.

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