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3 Hotels Polynesian Flavours A culinary adventure in Paradise islands More info From  260  EUR  /1 Adult * 1 Hotels Discover Bali Complete your getaway with us More info From  146  EUR  / night * 1 Hotels Discover Singapore Room, breakfast, wifi and a luxurious dinner More info From  214  EUR  / night * 98 Hotels Chic Gourmandise Up to 30% off your stay! More info From  48  EUR  / night * 8 Hotels Stay longer and save Save up to 20% on your stay in North America More info From  125  EUR  / night * 99 Hotels Magnifique Breakfast Breakfast offered every day! More info From  82  EUR  / night * 53 Hotels Magnifique Escape Stay 8 nights or more and save 35%! More info From  53  EUR  / night * 89 Hotels Magnifique Family Enjoy 50% discount on your children’s room More info From  61  EUR  / night * 103 Hotels Magnifique Romance A lovers’ week-end or second honeymoon... More info From  118  EUR  / night * 101 Hotels Magnifique Suites Have sweet dreams! More info From  208  EUR  / night * 5 Hotels Stay Longer and save Save up to 30% on your stay in Dubai More info From  123  EUR  / night * 7 Hotels Weekend getaway Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi More info 1 Hotels Barnes Package Experience culture at Sofitel Philadelphia! More info From  237  EUR  / night * 3 Hotels Visit North America Enjoy our Breakfast Drive Package! More info From  204  EUR  / night * 28 Hotels So Cultural Immerse yourself in World Culture More info 23 Hotels So Golfer Prestigious greens to stride and conquer! More info 62 Hotels So Gourmet Inventive cuisine and inspired dishes ! More info 15 Hotels So In Love Intimate moments to be shared ! More info 61 Hotels So Relaxing Refresh...renew…revive your spirit and body! More info 3 Hotels So Shop Addict The unrivalled pleasure of treating yourself! More info 48 Hotels So Suites Sweet memories in our Suites! More info
* Subject to availability and to the number of rooms allocated for this offer at the date of stay and the hotel selected by the customer.