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the accor sustainable development program

See what Sofitel has achieved

  • Health

    62% of our hotels offer eco-labeled products (cleaning products, wall paint or floor covering)
    79% of our hotels promote balanced dishes in their restaurants
    90% of our hotels organize prevention training for staff

  • Nature

    88% of our hotels fit their showers/faucets with flow regulators
    64% of our hotels recycle their waste
    1340 of our hotels are taking part in the Plant for the Planet reforestation project

  • Carbon

    81% of our hotels use energy-saving bulbs for their 24-hour lighting
    98% of our hotels monitor and analyze their energy consumption every month
    9 hotels use renewable energy

  • Innovation

    25% of our hotels have at least three environmentally friendly features in their rooms (e.g. bedding, bath linen or paper)
    14% of our hotels use eco-labeled welcome products

  • Local

    Almost 3,500 employees have been trained in combating sex tourism involving children
    83% of our hotels buy and promote local food products
    75% of our hotels protect local ecosystems by banning endangered seafood

  • Employment

    56 of our hotels organize language training for employees
    23 of our hotels organize training to combat psychosocial risks

  • Dialog

    8 of our hotels have received an environmental certification (ISO 14001 or EarthCheck)
    100% of franchised hotels meet the required standards for the Accor 21 Charter

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Sustainable development

With PLANET 21, we have made 21 commitments in favour of sustainable development.

Health, nature, carbon, innovation, local development, employment and dialog:

21 commitments for the well-being of our world.

In all our hotels, we work with Ambassadeurs, guests and partners to reinvent hotels – sustainably.

Care for the planet?

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  • Planet 21 is
  • 7 pilliars
  • 21 commitments
  • In 90 countries