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From breakfast to dinnertime, Sofitel chefs celebrate good taste à la française while blending French gastronomy and dining rituals with the best of local ingredients and cuisine. Champagne, Grand cru, celebrate a Magnifique life with Sofitel.

When it comes to celebrating gastronomy and great wine, everyone speaks french.
as a global ambassador of french national heritage and an integral player in french
culture, sofitel knows that "cuisine" is a universal language that is constantly renewed and rediscovered through local contributions.
French art de vivre implies pleasure and conviviality, so Sofitel restaurants and bars have been conceived as places for sharing with others. They combine the finest French cuisine with the latest trends from around the world.

Sofitel aims to surprise even the most informed gourmet, and restaurants are headed by leading chefs who transform meals into inspiring journeys. They devise distinctly original menus by enrichiching their own creations with local flavors and aromas. They are free, inventive, and generous. They welcome outside influences and incorporate them daringly and subtley into the world acclaimed French culinary tradition. From Paris to Bangkok, every Sofitel hotel restaurant offers a different version of classic French gastronomy, including grands crus, fine cheese, and exquisite pastry.
The settings of Sofitel restaurants and bars range from dazzling to elegant to soothing, with stylish decor and flawless service. In countless cities, they have become favorite places for original cocktails, delicious light lunches, sensational pastry, and creative fine dining with wine selected by the hotel sommelier. They are places to go for unforgettable gastronomic experiences.