World of sofitel

Family & children

At Sofitel, your children are welcomed like little princes and princesses. To enable them to share in our “spirit of openness,” we invite them to discover the cultures around the world.
Like the Little Prince, they will become adventurers living a magnifique, poetry-filled journey.

Sofitel's family-friendly hotels menas offering your children memorable journeys
into different cultures and traditions around the world. the magnifique family reflects
a magical vision of childhood and the sofitel values of world exploration, travel, and sustainable development.
Sofitel has chosen Antoine de Saint-Exupery's famous Little Prince ( Petit Prince) to accompany children during action-filled stays at our family hotels. Like them, he is an adventurer who discovered the world during an extraordinary and poetic journey.

Sofitel launched the Little Prince inititative at Essaouira Mogador Golf & Spa, in the area where the Little Prince was born in Saint-Exupery's imagination. Upon arrival, children are given a booklet about all the activities that await. Discovery, creativity, and fun are the core themes. Children will enjoy the imaginary world of the Little Prince through a special travel diary where they can write, draw, and paste photographs, just as the Little Prince relates in his story. It is a travel diary to bring home and make memories unforgettable.
Also at Sofitel Essaouira, the first Sofitel Children's Villa offers a range of fun and educational activities on the themes of nature, earth, sea, and Moroccan culture and traditions.

More and more of Sofitel's child-friendly hotels are opening Children's Villas featuring special activities and entertainment for kids. Family stays at Sofitel hotels promise to be a magical experience with memories that last forever.