World of sofitel

Magnify your 5 senses

Sofitel awakes every one of its guests’ fives senses – taste, sight, smell, hearing and touch.
Experience an infinite palette of delights throughout your hotel experience: the ultimate refinement of colors, fragrances, textures and tastes…

Every stay at a sofitel hotel or resort is like a journey that awakens and stimulates all five
of your senses. the sensorial experience begins with the sight of an elegant, majestic façade that invites
you to discover the refined universe within.
Enter the lobby of a Sofitel anywhere in the world and delight in visual treats made of designers' caring selections of shapes,fabrics, and materials. Seasonal floral arrangements display the contemporary flair of the French art du bouquet and offer symphonies of line and color.

In the intimacy of your room, discover the MyBed™, Sofitel's exclusive bedding concept offering an ideal balance between softness and support. The sensation of incomparable comfort continues with luxurious bedding, bath towels, and bathrobes, all of which wrap you in a cocoon of well-being.
Thoroughly refreshed, enchant your taste buds at a Sofitel restaurant, where local culinary tradition is creatively combined with French gastronomy. Our sommeliers will introduce and guide you to discover the nuances of grand cru wines. In addition to the thrilling aromas of food and fine, your sense of smell is gratified by subtle fragrances in Sofitel hotel and resort lobbies and the delicate scents of amenity and spa treatment products.

Relax to soothing background music combining local DJ choices with French influences. For runners, Sofitel provides an iPod with an exclusive playlist to enjoy while out for a jog.