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A place of absolute well-being and optimal relaxation

Sofitel So Spa is an oasis dedicated to tranquility, a haven of peace where one comes to replenish and refresh…and to indulge in every delight!

The Sofitel spa concept was inspired by a French restaurant menu, another of Sofitel's areas of excellence. Les Entrées (Starters), lasting 30 minutes, are designed for busy urbanites looking for a moment of respite after a full day. Les Plats Principaux (Main Dishes) and Les Desserts take an hour and include body massages, facial treatments, hot-stone massages and other delights intended to nourish the mind and body.

Perfectly topping off this superb menu is Sofitel's choice of partners. All are undisputed beauty experts and ambassadors of French cosmetology in its most refined form: Clarins, Cinq Mondes, Carita and others. In London or Marseille, in Rabat or Mauritius, Vienna, Phnom Penh, Essaouira or Mumbai Sofitel invites you to enter this new world of sensations and indulge in treatments inspired by age-old beauty rituals that address both body and soul, awaken the senses and replenish the mind.

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