Golf in Morocco

Multi-faceted golfing in a welcoming country

The combination of magnificent natural settings and captivating ancient cities makes Morocco an especially exhilarating destination for a golfing escapade at any time of year.

The challenge is to decide where to start : with the dramatic cliffs and white towns of Atlantic coast or the intriguing desertscapes and sienna-toned cities further inland.

In either case, a broad range of beautifully-kept courses offers will take you on a thrilling tour of Morocco’s varied and well-preserved natural environment. Undulating dunes, turquoise ocean, and elegant cypress trees provide the setting for the Gary Player course in Essaouira, while Agadir courses are accented with fragrant mimosa and rustling palms, and the snow-capped Atlas Mountains provide the compelling backdrop for Marrakesh area courses. After the day’s rounds, explore Moroccan culture. Walk through fascinating medinas (old towns) with buzzing souks, peaceful courtyards, and colorful spices.
Discover magnificent spas adorned with sparkling mosaic, fine cuisine, and the particular warmth of Moroccan hospitality.

Enjoy a golfing experience where delight begins on the green and extends far beyond.

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