Sofitel French Polynesia

Life is Magnifique in French Polynesia

Sofitel hotels in French Polynesia elegantly blend the French way of life with Polynesian traditions within their 3 exceptional properties in Moorea, the sister-island of Tahiti, and Bora Bora, the pearl of the Pacific.

The traditional Polynesian welcome is an authentic invitation to discover the way of life in Tahiti and her islands. The natural and local decoration of our hotels perfectly reflects modern influences and Western luxury.

An incredible array of flavours from the South Pacific is mixed with exotic influences. You will be endlessly surprised by this contemporary French cuisine blended with Polynesian gastronomy. Polynesia, ideal place of relaxation, will allow you to revive yourself in our spas that magnificently overlook the lagoon.

Polynesians have practiced taurumi as an ancestral technique of massage for the body and soul. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of Tahitian essential oils and flower treatments.

Escaping from time pressures and enjoying the present moment, you will choose between doing nothing or doing it all. Whether lying in the shade of a coconut tree on the beach, wading in the infinity pool, playing golf, riding a jet ski or simply scuba diving, escape and adventure are ready for you.

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