Meetings and Events at Sofitel

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15 meetings rooms equipped with the latest technology / 250 pax
Room nameExpand allClose allSurfaceHeightTheatreU-shapeBoardroomClassroomBanquet
FRANCO MARIA MALFATTI54m²2.60m5522223032
JACQUES DELORS38m²2.60m2417121520
JEAN REY 126m²2.60m25121200
JEAN REY 1 + 252m²2.60m5524223032
JEAN REY 226m²2.60m25121200
KONRAD ADENHAUER115m²2.60m002400
PAUL-HENRI SPAAK 180m²2.60m7530224050
PAUL-HENRI SPAAK 1+2+3240m²2.60m2259066180200
PAUL-HENRI SPAAK 280m²2.60m7530224050
PAUL-HENRI SPAAK 380m²2.60m7530224050
ROY JENKINS 126m²2.60m25121200
ROY JENKINS 1 + 252m²2.60m5524223032
ROY JENKINS 226m²2.60m25121200
SICCO MANSHOLT36m²3.60m3015122030