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May 05th, 2011

Play with Sofitel: 80 magnifique nights across the world.

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How to research and book a hotel?

There are four ways to find a hotel on our websites...

If you know the exact name of the city where you'll be traveling, you can book from the home page. There you can quickly view the availability of all the hotels at that destination, corresponding to your selected dates. You can also take advantage of our search map to guide you.

If you already know the hotel code where you want to stay, use the Express Reservation link, where you can book in a flash.

To explore our complete list of hotels across all seven continents, simply use the online guide. There you can discover our family of hotels without entering specific criteria. Once you find the hotel that suits you, just click and reserve.

You can also search for the closest hotel to a specific neighborhood or vicinity—or find one based on a specific area of interest (city center, nightlife, etc.)

How many rooms can I reserve?

Our website allows you to book up to three rooms per hotel, per reservation, on the same date or on multiple dates. If you need a fourth room in the same hotel, please make a new reservation (the "contact hotel" link cannot be used to book a fourth room).

How do I cancel or update a reservation?

At the time of confirmation, you will be given an order number (ex: 39X-0015). For any cancellations or modifications, you will be asked to provide this number. If you reserved several rooms, you can easily change your request canceling only part of your reservation.

You may also use your fidelity card number to easily access your reservation on line if you booked via Internet.

In case of difficulty, how much cancellation notice do I need to give?

Should any difficulty arise, you can cancel the day of expected check-in:

  • By using the "cancellation" page of our Internet site, you have until 4:00 p.m. (hotel's local time) to cancel your reservation,
  • By contacting the hotel directly before 6:00 p.m. (hotel's local time).

If you cancel your reservation without meeting the above deadlines, you will be charged for the first night.

Please note that cancellation conditions may vary depending on the location of your hotel. Please refer to your booking confirmation or contact the hotel to confirm the cancellation deadline.

Do I need my credit card to make a reservation?

Your bank information is necessary to validate your online reservation. However, the indicated sum will be debited by the hotel only at the end of your stay. Our online reservation system ensures complete security for every transaction. To find out more, please review the above information regarding our site's security.

If you do not wish to provide bank information via Internet, Sofitel offers you the possibility of contacting a reservation center in your area.

If you are a loyalty cardholder, your credit card number will only be requested because your loyalty Card cannot act as a guarantee.

Is the site secure?

Our Internet site uses the SSL encryption protocol to guarantee secure transactions and complete confidentiality. Your bank details and all the information you enter on the various forms are automatically encrypted when your data is transferred over the network. The SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption system automatically encrypts your data before it is transmitted over the network, and it can only be decrypted using a unique key once it has arrived on our server.

Developed by Netscape, SSL is the most widely used and successful secure transaction solution. As part of our commitment to offering you the best performance at all times, we will continue to monitor and analyse future security systems, which will be implemented as they are developed.

To use this system, all you have to do is to make sure that your browser is compatible (generally, version 3 or better). If your browser supports this system, you should see one of these icons in the bottom left of your screen (for Netscape), or the bottom right of your screen (for Microsoft Internet Explorer).

I get an error message when I try to access secure mode. What do I do?

To ensure complete security and confidentiality, each transaction on our site is protected with SSL encryption protocol. All browsers do not support this technology. If you access the Internet via a proxy server, you may be receiving an error message warning of unauthorized secure mode. In this case, you can reserve by directly contacting the reservation center nearest you.

What does the "reservation deadline expired" message mean?

When booking online, reservations for same-day check-in must be confirmed by 4:00p.m. (hotel's local time). For last-minute reservations, please call the hotel directly. The contact information for each hotel can be found on the hotel's specific summary page.